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Leadership as a Team Player Approach

Thursday, November 12, 2020
1:00 pm2:00 pm
Leadership as a Team Player Approach

You have worked hard to become a Tribal Housing manager. Late nights and new responsibilities are heavy, as the weight of your organizations’ success grows. The real question is how can we become better or more effective leaders? An essential component is understanding that everyone needs to see you and your leadership as a team player. This webinar is helpful to new executive leadership and program managers that have been in a stale mate with staff for some time. From the housing receptionist to maintenance and program staff, bring the positive energy back to your organization and learn leadership tips and tools that will empower your team see only the mission and vision as the “Most Valuable Player.”

Training Objectives:

Explain why T.E.A.M. Leadership is so effective
Discuss various methods for leadership development
Follow training tips and tools on how to increase individual and team motivation in meetings or a standalone team building sessions