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eading Basic Financial Statements to Drive Goal Setting and Revenue

Friday, April 23, 2021
10:00 am11:00 am
eading Basic Financial Statements to Drive Goal Setting and Revenue

Whether you’re thinking of turning your side hustle into a robust small business, turning your start-up dream into reality, navigating running a current small business, or examining how to drive next-stage growth in your long-standing business, having strong financial capabilities is key for driving business success.

In our 2-part free webinar training, you’ll learn:

• How to read and interpret key financial statements, like the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, and Cash Flow Statement

• How to use insights from your financial statements to set appropriate growth goals for your business

• How to calculate and analyze which of your products/services offer the biggest opportunities to drive increased revenue and profit.

• What the process of obtaining financing from a bank looks like

• Insights to help prepare your business to apply for a loan package

• How to prepare your financial strategy for potential exit (retirement or succession) or purchase by a an outside buyer

Meet our guest experts:

• Julie Anderholm- financial consultant at the North Central Region Small Business Development Center. Julie brings 26 years of experience consulting with small businesses looking to improve their finances and drive revenue. She earned her BSB and MBA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Since 1992 she has provided well over 20,000 hours of consultation to help local businesses succeed. Julie is known for her ability to work with clients to identify and obtain funding to start or expand their small business. She has helped clients raise over $157 million in financing for their businesses.

• RuthAnn Karty- professional business consultant at the Southwest MN Small Business Development Center. RuthAnn brings 30 years of experience consulting with small businesses to help them improve their finance best practices. Her areas of expertise are business planning, cash flow projection, loan packaging, financial and profitability analysis, exit/succession planning, managing record keeping, financial literacy, resolving pre-start and post-start issues, and many other aspects of business development. Ruth Ann was honored to be selected Minnesota’s SBA Financial Services Champion in 2014.

This training is for:

• Entrepreneurs and small business owners at various stages of the business

• Small business Owners seeking to increase their understanding and utilization of financial knowledge

• Those preparing to starting a small business or expanding a side hustle

• Business owners seeking to drive revenue or expand offerings

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