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Artist Showcase 2021

Sap is Running: Life is Stirring

This is a first in a series of seasonal themes that are central to local
Native lifeways.

Each season has a rhythm and activities of its own. This season's theme
is about life stirring, when the sap begins to run, as the nights are still
cold reminding us we are still in Winter, but at the same time the days
are growing longer and warmer, signaling Spring. Our Mother is
beginning to wake, and life is stirring again, bringing with it the promise
of renewal.

We say Chi Miigwech - Wopida Tanka - Thank you to the artists who
have shared their creations with with us.

Some of the images are for sale and we have included the artist's
contact information to directly connect with them.

Artist Showcase booklet

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We will be giving away a prize to ten participants along with the prize to the Artist with the most votes. You along with your favorite Artist can win!

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