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Join MNIBA in supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs, businesses and communities!  

Get Involved

Alliance Partner

Work with a region-wide network of dedicated
professionals who share a similar vision.
•  Learn about culturally-based strategies and best
practices that support the healthy development
of native trade and commerce.
•  Stay informed about policy issues that critically
impact the healthy development of native trade
and commerce.

Statewide Buy Native First Working Group

Work with a state-wide group of dedicated
professionals who have a passion for expanding
native trade and commerce.
•  Learn about cutting-edge strategies and best
practices for launching a buy local campaign and
putting native business first.
•  Share your expertise as part of one of the three
committees focusing on education, advocacy and
procurement policy.

Board of Directors

Serve with a statewide network of dedicated
professionals in a shared leadership and
governance model.
•  Assist in the development of policy and
set strategic direction and oversight that is
•  Grow personally and professionally through
MNIBA’s ongoing professional and leadership
development training.




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