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This new directory is intended to revitalize both the virtual and physical trade and waterway routes established centuries before contact. The idea that an imaginary line could run through our lands and permanently separate us is unimaginable.  We wish to return to a time of trade and exchange where we are no longer separated by arbitrarily drawn nation-state borders.


MNIBA’s new “Buy Native” business directory is open to all Native/Indigenous entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, social enterprises, nonprofits, Tribal Governments, tribal colleges, and tribal enterprises throughout Turtle Island.

MNIBA is still offering the free basic business listing, as well as two levels of affordable paid subscriptions. 

The Minnesota Indigenous Business Alliance (MNIBA) reserves the right to review applications, request additional information before listing and to refuse applications if they cannot be verified.

To be listed in the directory as a native-owned business, MNIBA does require you sign in and create an account and complete the online application, and upload a photocopy of your Tribal ID, CDIB Card, or BIA enrollment documentation at submission.

To be listed in the directory as a native artisan, MNIBA must adhere to the types of documentation as defined in Public Law 101-644 of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.


Please note that the Native businesses and Artisans listed in this directory are not in any way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by MNIBA.  MNIBA is not responsible for the present and/or future performance of any of these businesses. MNIBA strongly encourages prospective customers to research and verify any/and all references, necessary licenses, bonding, or liability insurance held by these businesses.

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