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This week on Capitol Hill

Santa and soldiers bring joy to Alaska village

As we approach the seventh anniversary of that sad day in Newtown, Dr. James D. Diamond says we must ask ourselves: Can a community heal? If so, how?

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Arctic Report Card was drafted by eighty-one scientists from twelve countries, including the voices of elders from the Bering Sea

'The Germans had attacked through Belgium, and we were there to do something about it'

Boris Johnson claims Brexit mandate as Conservatives secure majority *Updated

President Trump mocks the charges against him as 'impeachment light'

UK election exit poll suggests Conservative majority

Individuals share how the book impacted their lives

Fetishization of Native women in the movie "Pocahontas" contributes to the invisibility of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis says Charitie Ropati

The Bureau of Land Management estimates there are 88,000 animals on U.S. rangeland in 10 western states

#KickinWithKolby — Thoughts from a Native sports fan #Sportzball

Taika Waititi’s 'Jojo Rabbit' snags nominations for best picture and actor in a comedy, 'Frozen 2' gets animated picture and song nominations and Netflix garners most

Debate continues over BLM move as workers face decision deadline; Bureau of Indian Affairs 'will remain intact'

Testing ideas in public? San Francisco says get permit

Trump, allies aim to delegitimize impeachment from the start

Democrats say Donald Trump enlisted a foreign power in 'corrupting"'the U.S. election process

Hunter Kurtz, assistant secretary for public and Indian housing: ‘That's why I get up every morning and do this’

Programs have increased fluency for thousands of speakers and have resulted in the training of between 170 and 280 Native language teachers each year

‘Originally, we started to meet because we were all in architecture programs. A huge portion of what we wanted to do was Native recruitment’

President Trump said the revamped trade pact will 'be great'

Democrats poised to unveil two impeachment articles

US wildlife officials agree to Lower 48 grizzly bear review

Report: US misled public on progress in Afghanistan war

A film sequel that broke all the records, Frozen 2 has set a precedent of newfound respect for Indigenous cultures

House impeachment hearing gets rancorous as lawyers testify

Finland's new young female prime minister breaks the mold

Indigenous rights remain a theatrical talisman, used only by politicians for virtue signaling says Devin Beaulieu

May 9th, 1942 - December 2nd, 2019

Supreme Court will next hear an abortion case in March over Louisiana law

Climate scientists try to cut their own carbon footprints

The flu virus causing illnesses in most parts of the country is a surprise

Judiciary hearing sets stage for impeachment charges

‘I'm trying to understand ... how 25 people will dramatically change the fabric of a community’

Petition calls for the Washington football team to change its name and logo

AP FACT CHECK: President Trump and what he recalls

House impeachment report looks at abuse, bribery, corruption

Navajo Gaming purchases Flagstaff restaurant, nearby land

These are the top stories accessed by our readers from the past week

US firms continue hiring, easing worries of weakening economy

'We're not accustomed to seeing presidents suffer as many defeats in the courts as this president'

Court says procedure likely violates the Federal Death Penalty Act

The most common reason the camp's occupants flee their homes in Mexico is the inability to pay protection money to local gangs

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This week on Capitol Hill, Dec. 2 to 6