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President Donald Trump swipes at foes, touts record, vows to hold Arizona in November

Time is running out for contenders to prove they have a viable path to the nomination

Crystal Munoz is free after 12 years in prison

A place to listen, pray and confront the American violence against Indigenous people

#KickinWithKolby — Thoughts from a Native sports fan #Sportzball

Tribes say an end to hostilities with the state of Alaska is long overdue

Homeland Security waives more federal regulations to speed construction of border wall

Tricia Zunker wins Democratic nomination in Wisconsin’s special congressional primary election #NativeVote20

Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde said government and industry have to give the time and space to work with the Wet'suwet'en people

Sen. Troy Heinert, Rosebud, a Democrat from Mission, said goal is to educate Native people 'on our own terms'

Officer David Kellywood, 26, leaves behind wife, Kamelia, sons Gabriel and David Jr.

There are 12 Native candidates running for United States Congress in the 2020 election cycle #NativeVote20

Change comes from 'persistence, dedication, knowledge, and sheer willpower … but let's be clear, the struggle continues'

Canada “settler economy” gets a history lesson from Indigenous communities

'We're in the weeds of intergenerational trauma'

Sanders is looking to Saturday's Nevada caucuses to post another win continuing his front-runner role

Wisconsin special election Tuesday will decide the next step in Tricia Zunker’s campaign #NativeVote20

‘This bill is simply honoring and recognizing our Alaska people that have been here since time immemorial, an ancient people with an ancient past, a proud people’

Rep. Angela Romero would bring together lawmakers, researchers, tribes and law enforcement

Comic creator Ben Jackendoff also helps bring Red Wolf - a Native character hunting a Rez-terrorizing werewolf - to 'Werewolf by Night'

Nonpartisan report finds hiring, partnership deals behind schedule

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Democrats will debate again days before primary vote

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Three explorers on an Indigenous path across natural wonders from West to East

Team Wolves looking to improve upon last year’s third-place finish at PBR Global Cup

Rep. Deb Haaland said administration plan puts the military at risk

'We'll be standing our ground to let the people know that we're not going to give up,' said Yolanda Badback, Ute Mountain

Governor wants agreements with tribes to tackle crime, meth

Najiah Knight is the only girl competing on the Mini Bull Riders circuit and her dream is to become a world champion

The Wet'suwet'en Nation is opposed to Coastal GasLink and asked the company to leave citing traditional laws being broken

Over 1,000 students, parents, educators and vendors from 30 tribes gather to discuss higher education.

‘The Photograph’ was fun but perhaps a bit too stoic, and ‘Harriet’ explores a painful historic reality. Also looking back at my Oscar film's reviews.

Washington Legislature considers returning taxes collected by tribal governments for economic development projects, including Quil Ceda Village

Study surveyed more than 1,000 Native people and some 70 percent of Native people said they were ‘deeply insulted by caricatures of Native American culture’

#KickinWithKolby — Thoughts from a Native sports fan #Sportzball

Annual lunch honors Native women for ‘supporting each other’

Leaders say border wall construction is typical of feds’ ignores tribes

Alaskans rally in support of an Alaska Marine Highway System crippled by budget cuts

New Hampshire Democratic primary reveals a mountainous ideological divide

Andrew Yang, Michael Bennett leave race; Donald Trump wins GOP primary * Updated

Andrew Yang, Michael Bennett leave race; Donald Trump wins GOP primary * Updated

Arizona ban on the practice will remain through presidential primary

Four-page order sets "firm deadline" for mediation to be completed by March 31