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Police say well-coordinated criminals are capitalizing on the disorder to stage widespread store thefts

Raw feelings were evident as Sen. Rand Paul — who is single-handedly holding up the bill — sought changes as a condition of allowing it to pass

'There’s a lot of people just now finding out about the organization, and the generosity has been incredible'

'There’s a lot of people just now finding out about the organization, and the generosity has been incredible'

Legislative leaders want the state's high court to decide whether Gov. Kevin Stitt overstepped his authority when he reached deals with two tribes to allow sports gambling

Mark Anthony Rolo 'was first and foremost a journalist with a strong sense of social justice and a pen that could be withering at times'

'Due to these factors, substantial doubt exists about our ability to continue as a going concern for a reasonable period of time'

The extra data requirements apply to hospitals and laboratories and are intended to help track the virus' impact on various racial, age and regional groups

June 4, 1919, is the 101st anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving white women the right to vote

Gen. Mattis' blunt rebuke of the president was 'necessary and overdue'

Gen. Mattis' blunt rebuke of the president was 'necessary and overdue'

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The league's Board of Governors 'overwhelmingly' passed the format, a source tells The Associated Press

Updated: The Rev. Al Sharpton vows a movement to 'change the whole system of justice'

The first of three funeral events for Floyd is being held Thursday in Minneapolis; the other services are planned in North Carolina and Houston

Michael Dennis Mahsetky's 'endless accomplishments made his family very proud and his exuberant personality drew in everyone who met him'

Native American Rights Fund  highlights voting inequities in tribal communities

The Latest on the May 25 death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer pressed a knee on his neck

President Trump took credit for the deployment of federal and other law enforcement officers to the nation's capital, saying it offered a model to states on how to stop violence accompanying some protests

'It's important to take that moment that's been created as a society, as a country, and say let's use this to finally have an impact'

The morning news brief from around Indian Country

An autopsy released Wednesday provides several clinical details, including that Floyd tested positive for COVID-19 on April 3 but appeared asymptomatic

'It would be like somebody telling you when you're fighting a fire that you have been evicted from your house'

Diesel pollutes Arctic Ocean headwaters

President Jonathan Nez also pushes the reopening of businesses to July 5

The review found hydroxychloroquine was no better than placebo pills at preventing illness from the coronavirus, according to results published by the New England Journal of Medicine

'This shouldn't be 'normal' in 2020 America. It can't be 'normal''

The case against the main officer is being upgraded to second-degree murder

'I worked alongside many police officers or a few police officers that really shouldn't have been there'

Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, said families enjoying national parks are 'not endangering public health'

GOP convention will be moving from North Carolina

It is now time to launch our own tribal nation-to-nation assistance programs to our distant relatives of Amazonia in their time of desperate need

Most European nations are not ready and the British government will impose a 14-day quarantine for people arriving in the country starting next week

Election roundup: Biden nears nomination win

Nation's streets calmest in days, protests largely peaceful

Save the Children examined more 2,600 counties and found that about a third of the 50 worst counties are majority African American and a quarter are majority Native American

“These are just stunning statistics”

The former vice president swept the states that conducted presidential primaries Tuesday

Updated: Paulette Jordan and Rudy Soto win primaries in Idaho, while Yvette Herrell and Deb Haaland advance in New Mexico

Updated: The elections feature seven Native candidates running for U.S. Congress: three Democrats and four Republicans from Idaho and New Mexico

Numbers now at 5,479 positive COVID-19 cases and 248 known deaths

In all, nine states and the District of Columbia held elections, including four that delayed their April contests because of the coronavirus

'An accurate count is important because federal and state funding is allocated to communities using this data'

Updated: A look at developments in the U.S. and elsewhere following George Floyd's death

Updated: A look at developments in the U.S. and elsewhere following George Floyd's death

Gov. Tim Walz says an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department's policies and practices over the past 10 years will determine if the force has engaged in systemic discrimination toward people of color

There was no roadmap as to how we were dealing with this pandemic

In Nashville more than 60 National Guard members put down their riot shields at the request of peaceful protesters who had gathered in front of Tennessee's Capitol to honor George Floyd