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The Cherokee Nation to release the first episode of an animated TV series in the Cherokee language

'If Montanans are able to safely go to the grocery store, they should be able to safely go to their polling location to vote on Election Day'

Each person's temperature will be scanned and will need to wear a face mask

'We cannot afford to risk our future and the risks are just too great for the Crow people'

'People are just getting relaxed, thinking things are fine'

On Monday Aug. 10, watch the debut of our new set at the Phoenix Indian School Visitor Center.

Almost 10 percent of the tribe’s roughly 11,000 members have tested positive

News we’re talking about: Checkpoints closed to Sturgis rally visitors, Trump to 'listen to both sides' on Pebble Mine, Turtle Mountain Chippewa redefines marriage, Quileute Tribe uses humor to announce closure and more

'I’ve done a lot for Alaska. I love Alaska. It’s a special place'

Construction on the Catawbas' project recently got underway on land Cherokees say is theirs

Tribes have raised concerns that workers could be the virus into rural communities

Peers praise Southcentral Foundation's longtime leader, Katherine Gottlieb, who announced this week that she's resigning at the end of the month

Peers praise the Southcentral Foundation's longtime president and CEO, Katherine Gottlieb, who announced this week that she's resigning at the end of the month

Indian Country Today Newscast on Thursday, August 6 with guests Wendsler Nosie Sr. and Báásé Pike, along with ICT intern Meghan Sullivan

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A Navajo reporter recently visited several elderly people on the reservation and found them struggling through the pandemic. * This story was originally published by Searchlight New Mexico

News we're watching: DAPL oil to flow, Native candidates prevail in primaries, mental health presents challenges during COVID-19, protecting Lakota elders to preserve language, and more

Native people use traditions and resilience to cope with increased mental health challenges

Standing Rock Tribe Chairman Mike Faith says the tribe remains committed to its fight and looks forward to showing why the pipeline is 'too dangerous to operate'

American Library Association virtual tour highlights need for broadband among tribal communities and central role libraries play in providing high-speed internet in underserved areas

Indian Country Today Newscast on Wednesday, August 5 with guests Kim Peone and Tim Blueflint Ramel, along with our reporter Aliyah Chavez

Food insecurity amid COVID-19 prompts Native Americans to return to their roots

News we’re talking about: President’s son opposes Alaska mine; millions of evictions expected; missing and murdered Indigenous women office opens in Rapid City, South Dakota; and more

For decades, there has been controversy and heated debate surrounding the mine’s development

The Democratic congresswoman, who is seeking a second term, talks to Indian Country Today about her priorities and campaigning in a pandemic. #NativeVote20

'The headwaters of Bristol Bay and the surrounding fishery are too unique and fragile to take any chances with'

All professional sports teams need to drop their Native American names and mascots to respect our ancestors

The office will be one of seven created by President Donald Trump as part of the Operation Lady Justice Task Force

Indian Country Today Newscast on Tuesday, August 4 with guest Rosita Worl and our national correspondent Joaqlin Estus

Police brutality and systemic violence have long functioned as potent sparks igniting movements for social, racial justice and equity

John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr., Angela Davis and many others have helped pave the way for change

Stacey Abrams: A 'disservice to women of color and "women of ambition" to not be forthright'

News we’re talking about, including Navajo changes to voting; financial planning for the ‘long-haul’; the resignation of a longtime Alaska health leader; and travel advice from South Dakota on tribal checkpoints

Updated: In Kansas, U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids is running unopposed, while two state House candidates hope to make history

Updated: The women are among more than 20 Native candidates seeking office in four states Tuesday. #NativeVote20

Updated: Democrat Christina Haswood is one of more than a dozen Native candidates who prevailed in Tuesday’s primaries. #NativeVote20

#NativeVote20: In Kansas, U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids is running unopposed, while two state House candidates are hoping to make history

Anchorage CEO’s departure follows the firing of her husband and two dental directors

Aug. 3 celebrated as Miguel Trujillo Day for his fight in the right to vote

Indian Country Today Newscast on Monday, August 3 with guests Patrice Kunesh and Dalton Walker

The new figures bring the total number of people infected to 9,103 and the known death toll to 461 as of Sunday night

'We wanted to showcase the culture, not just the band, so the story became a spiritual traveler who leaves home to explore a new world'

News we’re talking about, including the Iroquois Nationals, the first-ever Virtual Indian Market, the Mashpee Wampanoag land case and a North Dakota tribe’s mineral rights battle

'The river is sick, and the Klamath Basin tribes are suffering'

At stake is more than $100 million in unpaid royalties and future payments certain to come from oil drilling beneath the Missouri River

Pilot program aims to mitigate sweltering temperatures and aid sustainability efforts as the West grows hotter and drier

Updated: The tribal council late Friday approved a massive spending bill to respond to the pandemic that includes money for water projects, power lines, broadband and laid-off casino workers

The appeal was filed Friday in the U.S. District Court for the District on Columbia

UPDATED: Two NASA astronauts returned safely to Earth on Sunday. The last time NASA astronauts returned from space to water was on July 24, 1975

The last time NASA astronauts returned from space to water was on July 24, 1975